Akshay Kumar Donates 25 cr!

Heart of Gold

Dear Akshay Sir,

Thank you for your kindness!


About this initiative

Dear Celebrities and Eminent Personalities,


My name is Aadi. I am a Class 10th student in Noida. 


Through these unprecedented times, citizens and community groups are coming together to help shelter and feed poor sections of society that are most affected by COVID-19. I am touched and inspired by their acts and stories. Similarly, many celebrities, eminent personalities (corporate leaders, heads of institutions, etc.) and organisations have pledged significant amounts towards the PM CARES Fund, salaries of low-wage employees, and other COVID-19 relief funds. 

Since I can't monetarily contribute for this cause, this is an expression of my sincere gratitude to all those celebrities, eminent personalities and organisations who have made generous donations. 


Thank you! 


May this inspire others to stand up and follow your actions. Our generation will always remember you as champions of making the world a better place through your generosity during these challenging times. 




Amount Raised (rs, crore) - 8,630 [+68]

Number of Donors - 177 [+7]

Last updated Dec 30, 2020 11:36 Am

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Source: Various newspaper websites and Twitter feeds. Collated and analysed by the author.

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Last updated Dec 30, 2020 11:36 Am

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While I am doing my best to collate available information, if I missed someone's contribution, please help me recognise it by sending me the details. Thank you, your contribution is much appreciated!


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Source: Various newspaper websites and Twitter feeds. Collated and analysed by the author.

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